Aina Solem
Photography and Painting
woman painting
Black Lake crow painting

Black Lake
1. The Swans
Olje 50x70
2. View
Olje 80x100 solgt

3. Temptation
Olje 50x60 til salgs
4. The Sanctuary
Olje 50x60 K.e

5. Lucifer- The Carrier of Light
Olje 80x100 K.e
depression painting dead ghost water death painting
spiritual wolf painting
9. Waiting for the weather to be better
Olje 40x50 solgt
6. Follow in your footsteps
Olje 50x60 K.e
7. Becoming a wolf
Olje 50x61 K.e
ulv maleri
ulv maleri wolf with cubs painting
painting were wolf varulv NAV maleri
8. Captured by Society
Olje 50x61
til salgs
10. Here am I - Where are You ?
Olje 40x50 solgt
Aina Solem

Black Forest
11. Surviving the Cold
Olje 50x70  Solgt
mountain bleeds fjell blod
wolf painting follow human ulv maleri
12. The Mountain Bleeds
Olje 50x70  til salgs
19. The Ice Queen
Olje 80x100  K.e
17. Polar Bear
Olje 80x80 solgt
18. We Climbed those Mountains
Olje 80x80 solgt
hand paw blood hand pote blod
14. Crucified
Olje 80x80  Solgt
15 og 16.  Hand & Paw
Olje 40x40 + 40x40 til salgs
woman painting kvinne maleri sjel spirituell new age
13. Jesus Christ
Olje 80x100  blindramme K.e
Jesus Christ
I am barely dressed
How can I choose between
the Hammer and Faith
when I am starving ? 
If I was all naked
and the world was this cold
-would your God see me ?
What would be his will
To heal or to kill ?
kvitebjorn kong valemon polar bear painting Aina Solem

The Nerve of Life
Aina Solem ice queen isdronningen isslott maleri
Black Lake Swans Aina Solem
Aina Solem Lucifer oil painting fallen angel
Jesus oil painting Aina Solem
Aina Solem painting black lake death depression soul star night darkness